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Our experienced professional cruise experts are delighted to answer any of your questions regarding your cruise.  

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Our Advisors:
Jennifer Hardy
20 Years of Global Travel and Planning Experience, Fort Myers, FL
[email protected] | ext 668477

With my 20 years of experience, I know I can help you plan the vacation you are dreaming about.

For more than 20 years, travel has been my life. Whether I am planning an adventure for my clients or I am creating a personal travel itinerary, I put my heart and soul into the process.

I want each trip that I plan to be unique and memorable, and I account for every necessary detail in the planning process. In order to become a trusted travel agent, I have focused on experiencing new destinations first-hand as well as participating in all types of training and professional development opportunities.    Read More
Jennifer Hardy
Gisela Goodman
German and Senior Cruise Specialist, Fort Myers, FL
[email protected] | ext 663810

Personalized Service and Bi-lingual in German

Because the travel agent business is so competitive, I always strive to provide premium service for my clients that goes above and beyond what others might give them.

For example, I once drove 300 miles to meet with a client. I am able to deliver travel document to client within a certain radius of my home. I do these things because I want every one of my clients to feel special and well taken care of.    Read More
Gisela Goodman
Donna Bates
Certified Travel Consultant
[email protected] | ext 668470

My name is Donna Bates and I have been in the Travel Industry for 34 years. I live and breathe travel. I am a Certified Travel Consultant, Master Cruise Counselor, Destination Specialist in many areas. Like I said I live and breathe travel. I also specialize in Group Travel. I love working with large groups and planning their trips. I am always willing to do in person presentations with communities, clubs, groups, and friends and family. People ask me where is my favorite destination. I can’t pick just one. I love to go everywhere and just soak up the culture and the beauty of every place I have been. If I haven't been there, I can assure you I have studied to be a Destination Specialist in the area. I also travel vicariously through my clients as they are always contributing to my knowledge and I take my clients feedback very seriously. Personally I am a beach bum. Yes! I live in Florida, but I can’t get enough of a beautiful beach. I also can’t get enough of different cultures, history, or the food. This is proof of my love for travel. I believe I have many assets to provide to you as my client BUT my biggest asset is that all of my clients become my friends and extended family. I treat everyone with respect and kindness, I will only do what is BEST FOR YOU.

Donna Bates
Sherry Creasey
Operations Manager
[email protected] | ext 667921
Carrie Daines
Product & Marketing Specialist
[email protected] | ext 668479